Ready to explain your message.

It’s not that hard to explain a thing, if you say it right and show it bright.
Here’s some tailor made animations we love to share with you.

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Multichannel marketing
Enabling better translation
Health Solutions

At WeExplain, we’re all about making your life easy. We’ve developed a unique project management process, taking you step by step while you steadily see the animation come to life. Your journey starts with our 4 packages below.

Designed and animated with ultimate care for detail, which makes every icon, character and transition look elegant and alive. We help you make all the right choices and spend your budget wisely.


  • Senior scriptwriting
  • Moving storyboard
  • Pro voice actors
  • Senior design and motion graphics team
  • High end soundmix

If you like it a bit joyful, check out our cartoon package. Hand drawn fresh characters designed in a funky sketch style on clean backgrounds.


  • Copy writen script
  • Moving storyboard
  • Top voice-overs from our databank
  • Unique animation video
  • Big database of background music & sound effects

Are you looking for a basic animation without branding specifics? Then Iconic is the way to go. Picture a clean white background with pre-designed icons to get your information explained effectively with fast results for smaller budget.


  • Script + Storyboard
  • Animation video incl. sound effects
  • Optional music

Interactivity ads so many possible content utilizations. Just look at what we create together with our friends at Blue Billywig. We partner with this online video specialist to make engaging client experiences, like the interactive customer services in the example above.


  • Fully customizable interactive player
  • Expert client care team
  • Seamless interactive animation experience
  • Content management & measuring